Do you want win a Great and valuable Digital products ?

  • Me Too, Winning is a great feeling and winning something you need and love is amazing with hundred of sites offers local giveaways but when we are searching for a specialized site offers only digital giveaways and anyone from the globe can participate in with no gimmes or boring surveys to complete and other strange tasks , we didn’t found much.
  • An idea arises why we don’t make a site which is specialized only in digital giveaways and free to join internationally with simple actions to take .that is how is born

Who is behind ?

  • I’m Osama kandeil owner of a 31 years guy from Egypt with a great passion to internet,computers ,blogging and learning new things and am also loving free stuff ( who don’t )

What Giveaway Gate offers ?

  • An honest chance to win digital giveaways to all visitors from any part of the world in a simple and friendly way
  • All giveaways found here are runs and hosted by Giveaway Gate site we don’t offer other sites giveaways
  1. Premium PC and Mac Software from official sites and serial keys delivered by mail.
  2. Full PC and play station Games Delivered via steam, origin and other game distributions
  3. Web services like Web hosting , memberships, and subscriptions
  4. Paid apps for smartphones
  5. And more – You can suggest what you need to add to our site you are welcome to contact us

How Giveaway Gate competitions works ?

  • We use a unique service from to run our competitions .All you have to do is to enter your first name and your email address which is important cause it’s the only way to contact you if you won and complete entries as much as you can to maximize your chance to win.
  • Winners are Users with a valid entry chosen randomly by gleam service at the end of competition normally 30 days
  • You can gain more entries by participate daily
  • Lucky winners will be announced publicly at every competition page

What Giveaway Gate asks in return ?

  • Sharing Our Giveaways with your Friends and Family and become a friend of this site. You’ll feel right at home here.